ReactJs in 2020.


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React Js photo by Caspar Camille Rubin

React Js photo by Caspar Camille Rubin

by Caspar Camille Rubin on unsplash

ReactJs in 2022.

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In this of blog post we will be learning the fundamentals of react JS . So let’s look into what we will be learning.

  • What is react JS?
  • How to use react JS in real application?
  • What are the advantages of using react over other frameworks
  • Scaffolding React app with create-react-app
  • Application structure and folders
  • What can we do next?

What is react JS?

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is used to build single page applications that can talk to any backend service for a serverless architecture.

How to use react JS in real application?

React JS is easy to learn and get started. React website is a great place to start it covers all the fundamentals you require to get started with react JS so in this blog post we will cover the basics to build a simple react JS application.

React is used to power websites to build complex UI components. React with other state management like Redux makes it easy for a web application to work smoothly on any

What are the advantages of using react over other JavaScript frameworks

Since we access is a UI library and also it uses JSX to display the UI components. Because of which react is used to build hybrid applications using react native. Write code once and run it anywhere. Do you need to learn react once when you can write anywhere.

Scaffolding ReactJs application using create-react-app

Before you get started you need to have few applications installed on your machine

  • Node JS
  • Git
  • Vs code ( editor )

You can install the latest version of node from nodejs website. We will be using the npm package manager that comes with node JS to bundle dependencies in react application.

We will be using get to manage our version control to track all the changes that we do in an application. This helps us to keep the code more readable and trackable.

You can use any of your favorite text editor but we use vs code since it has built-in integration support and intellisense and integrated terminal. To manage our workflow within the text editor.

Once you are done with the configuration of installing node JS, git and vs code.

Follow below steps to create your first react project

  • Create a new folder and open it with vs code Now you can pull up the integrated terminal with a a keyboard shortcut **ctrl+**`
  • Now you need to type the command to bring down the basic boilerplate which react provides us. npx create-react-app . . The dot in the command let's create react app know that it must be creating the project in current folder.
  • Now you can see folders which are created by using create react app

What next?

Follow the React documentation .

  • Create a todo application
  • explore the basics of JSX and javascript.