1000$ in one month on partner program by telling story.


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Learning is the key to reach a milestone of 1000$ by writing one article. Writing and telling a story is easy once you are in the shoe of your reader. When you fell the pain/happiness of your readers you will eventually earn rewards.

For all stories are interesting and fascinating to read and enjoy. Stories are remembered where as articles are consumed.

The value from stories > articles that provide value in words

When you start reading a story book you feel excited about the events that happen along. You feel sad/happy for what happen to the character in the story, reader will be in the character.

Consider you are a designer and love making illustrations. But when you don’t have a pattern or purpose of the illustration you do, when you look back at work it looks like of a different persons .

You can bring value to the collection of illustration by telling a story that not only brings value but also makes one excited to see the next illustration. Let me know what story you want to share in the comments below . I enjoy reading them . Share this to one who really need to know and has a great power of story telling 🥳